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Plywood Friday

Some shelf supports for some plywood shelves, and finally some more work on my ‘Apartment Workbench’.  Three drawers so far, another two to make when spare plywood allows.  These will be faced with oak and walnut plugs…sometime.

The last of the construction photos for the wine cabinet. The drawer has been made and fitted (it’s also been lined with Alcantara, a material used in upholstery for up market cars, but i don’t have a photo of that being done). 

My first use of the branding iron i made a little while back (maybe the next time i’ll get it level)

and the wine glass holders being installed.

Photo’s of the finished article once it’s been handed to its owner.

Door installed, offset knife hinges into a top and bottom of different dimensions.  A fiddly job.

Sealer coat of shellac mostly done.

And a door pull that’s actually a door handle of an old car.

Oh, and that’s a roll of masking tape on top, not loo roll.

Jointer plane all done….kinda. I’m gonna put a chamfer on the bottom edges, and at some point in the future i’ll make fence to attach to the side for perfect square jointing.

Maple body with a wedge of black walnut and an African blackwood cross pin.

In a tradition that dates back to this morning, Sunday’s are when i work on stuff for me.  There’s lots of things for the workshop i want to build and unless i put time aside for them i’ll end up rushing them and doing a poor job.

This is some more work being done on a wooden jointer plane.  I’ve got plans (and a blade and some wood) to make a smoother once i’ve finished this one.

Carcass glue up step by step.

In a random moment of childishness i started using Port and Starboard to mark the parts for the left and right. 

Some clean up is needed, but at long last this looks like a cabinet.

First dry run of the wine cabinet.  Needs to have the wine rack installed and a drawer put in. 

Hooray, glue ups all round.

These can then be cut to size, and we’re almost ready to glue this thing together.  Pretty soon it’s going to start looking like a cabinet, i promise.

Shelves for the vanity unit are in.  Doors and a shelf will be added to the unit once the plumbing/tiling/decorating have been finished.

The side panels for a wine cabinet are going together.

Seems today is new toy day.  G cramps, bench cookies (not as tasty as they sound) and a couple of samples from Button Fix.  They’re a fixing system for panels, though all i can think is ‘secret compartment’ will have to have a play with these.