Through Wooden Eyes

Life in the workshop

Folksy shop

Mitre gauge, meet router table - making angled cuts (my table saw couldn’t do this)
Lots and lots of CAD for a built in wardrobe.  Parts being rough cut to length.

Wedding book all finished, and even a photo with the bride to be.

Two by two, hands of blue

A couple of simple workshop upgrades. 

An extraction hood for the bandsaw, simple plywood cover held to the side of the saw by magnets.

Zero clearance inserts for the tablesaw.  I was surprised to find a uk supplier for the MicroJig splitter, i’ve liked the look of them since i saw them reviewed by the Wood Whisperer.

While i’ve got the bandsaw apart it’s time to make a modification i’ve been meaning to make for a while.  Extending the slot on the casting that holds the guide bearings means i can move the guides back to wherei actually want them.

In a lesson learned from Adam Savage - Use more cooling fluid.

The saw’s running a lot better now, seems a good cleaning and being carefully put back together is what it needed.  Though credit to HandHQ for suggesting a knackered bearing, all six need replacing.

My bandsaw’s been making some odd noises.  Like metal rubbing on metal noises.  
Replaced the blade and found that my tracking options are falling off the back of the wheel or hitting other parts.
Took it apart to try and find the problem, i’m no wiser.  Let’s hope i can remember how it goes back together.
Drill bit cabinet half filled.
More to be added, and space for more drill bits to be added.

Scrap plywood becoming a drill bit cabinet

Machining up some poplar for a painted built in.  My planner/thicknesser does a great job, and the mobile base for it means that even long lengths can be handled in my tiny workshop.