Through Wooden Eyes

Life in the workshop

Folksy shop

One task finally off the to do list. Space left on the end for a 25mm
Some elms seats from two chairs i was unable to repair, these are going to become the centre panels in a few boxes i’m making.
Coffee and CAD.  Good morning workshop

Replacing the wooden paneling with glass in a pair of cabinet doors.

Built in. finally done. 

Not so much a learning curve as an educational wall to be climbed over.

Trim, nails, a hammer and a nail set. 
Oh for a nail gun
Small lumber rack added.  With a place to store my sharpening stuff.  Time will tell if it just gets kept there or if i turn that into a sharpening station.
One of a few promo shots taken by a friend of mine.
Painting parts for the kitchen built in.  I love it when the task and the weather allow working out doors.
Fitting doors to openings.  Hinges are the next task