Through Wooden Eyes

Life in the workshop

Folksy shop

Painting parts for the kitchen built in.  I love it when the task and the weather allow working out doors.
Fitting doors to openings.  Hinges are the next task

The wedding back for a brief stay in the workshop to have the unused pages removed and the leather spine cover made.

Sanding the doors for the under stairs built in.
So it seems i’ve made my loose tennon jig to big.  The idea was to use the router fence for control on way and have stops to limit movement the other.  Time for a re-think.

Gluing up the body of my loose tennon jig.  Hardware still to be added.

A quick one day build.  An ‘L’ shaped sewing table for a friends sewing room.  Made from a single 8’x4’ sheet of birch ply.  Made on site due to lack of workshop space and transport limitations.

Putting together doors with their panels. Uprights need to be trimmed to  angle. then final fitting to the door width.
These angles are breaking my poor under powered brain.  I’m more or less down to hopes and prayers that these are going to be anywhere close to fitting the door openings.
Cross things for me, please.
Starting work on the doors
Gluing up the face plate of a loose tennon jig.